Tutteji Wachtmeister

A Handbook For Profitable Spirituality
by Tutteji Wachtmeister

tuttejibookcoverContemporary spirituality, with its emphasis on passive introspection, has left millions anxious, confused – and broke. Profitable Spirituality™ is the antidote. Brilliantly simple and effective, Profitable Spirituality™ is an action-based way of looking at the world that helps you overcome your limitations and take control over your career and finances as well as your inner life.

Widely regarded as the West’s leading expert on Eastern wisdom traditions, Tutteji Wachtmeister is also a well-known and popular spiritual teacher and entrepeneur. He is the founder of The Big Bucks Process™, Mindful Management™, Integral Body-Mind-Market Practice™, and many other successfull spiritual technologies.  In 2013, Wachtmeister was listed as #2 on Mind-Body-Spirit Magazine’s list of  Top 100 Up-and-Coming Spiritual Teachers.

A Handbook For Profitable Spirituality
by Tutteji Wachtmeister
$29.95 (recommended price)
Hardback, 228 pages
Available in fine bookstores everywhere


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