Tutte Wachtmeister may be the most important living spiritual master you only just heard about. Still, he is the head of a growing and vibrant community of spiritual entrepeneurs, and has a passionate – almost cultlike – following in certain circles.

A remarkable combination of spiritual teacher, bon vivant, and successfull entrepeneur, Tutteji is the living embodiment of what is known as The Tutteji Vision™, a teaching that emphasizes the Oneness of Body, Mind, and Market. Not only is he recognized as a fully transmitted master in several Eastern traditions, he is also the founder of Mindful Management™, Erotic Affirmation™, The Big Bucks Process™ as well as several other, cutting edge spiritual technologies. And then there is the entireTutteji mandala, expanding in all directions: The Tutteji Foundation® Charity Trust, The Spiritual Teacher Training Program, Integral Publishing, Dharma Dorks®, and so on.

Tutteji’s teaching is uniquely bold and pragmatic: “Traditional spirituality is like a bus or a train. In other words: it’s for losers. My disciples want luxury cars. And I deliver the goods.” It’s also free from the hypocrisy of much contemporary spirituality, and a recent workshop on “Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment” became an instant success.

Tutteji’s sudden appearance on the highly competitive spiritual market in North America has also sparked some controversy. Some critics, like “The Secular Busybody”, have even accused him of being a “false persona” or a “fake guru”, and used various social media to discredit both the man and his work. Others have hailed him as “a beacon of light in the platitudinous murkiness of the bodhiblogosphere”.

Hillary Hilton, co-founder of Dharma Dorks®, recently interviewed Tutteji for her popular series of podcasts. Why not spend an hour listening to the man himself talk about True Self, Big Business, and Limitless Success. Sit back, relax and have a nice infusion of Moroccan hash oil.



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