Transintegral Dating™

Are you feeling lonely? Or are you surrounded by lower-level, 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier members of the opposite sex? You are not alone! At this point in evolution, only about 0.2% of the population is firmly grounded on 4th tier development. Quite naturally, 4th-tiers have a hard time finding partners for sharing a mutually beneficial reationship.

That’s why we have started a non-profit dating service. Come and browse locally and around the world. Soon we will have thousands of profiles of members with pictures and in-depth essay answers. You can meet others who are on a path of awareness and prosperity and who embrace and integrate joy and love, spiritual transcendence and worldly gain. Attractive, successful men and women who are willing to take responsibility for themselves, their health and the world around them.

Give yourself the opportunity to find that special someone with similar, postintegral passions and principles!

The time is now! Check out our interactive forum on Facebook and dare to make your dreams come true.


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