Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment™


While Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment™ is an important and potent practice on our Spiritual Path, it belongs to an esoteric body of teachings, transmitted in secret from Master to Disciple, and only properly initiated and empowered disciples are allowed to study and practice these teachings.

If, however, you have a serious interest in the matter, please feel free to set up an appointment with Tutteji, or one of his senior students.


4 thoughts on “Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment™

  1. I have a Spiritually Transmitted Disease (STD) that I caught from one of the major Tantra gurus who said he was teaching me all about Monogamy. Can you help??

    • Dear Flame,
      In India it is well known that the guru’s consort never shops at the fish market as her husband is always bringing home crabs. We westerners still have much to learn about the proper way to interact with our spiritual masters.

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