”I have wanted to be an exotic dancer for years now. Tutte Wachtmeister and Mindful Management™ helped me do this, and I am eternally grateful for that.” (Liza, 32, San Diego)

“I discovered Mindful Management™ a few years ago, and immediately decided to re-program my mind for success in the way outlined by that amazingly inspirational avatar, Tutte Wachtmeister. These simple techniques were rocket-fuel for my literary career. There is truly no limit to my success.” (Anonymous Booker Prize winner)

“Isn’t Tuttejii about the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? It’s not just Tutteji as a decent human being and as an Enlightened human being. He’s a also a tremendously successfull businessman. Which is much harder than being both enlightened and decent, incidentally.” (Ken Dillinger, Integral Visionary and philosopher)


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