The Newest Tantra™


Welcome to the Profitable Sex™ program which will radically transform your sex life from the ordinary basic level sex to an exciting real life of market-oriented sexual magic

Profitable Sex™ is a program that goes beyond basic ”friction-only” based sex as well as so-called Tantric sex – pursuits that can only provide, well … sex.

When we ask our students who likes to have sex, everyone puts their hand up. But what happens after you climax, or experience a couple of hours of conventional tantric bliss? Was all that sexual energy a profitable investment?

When people think about it they generally say, ”well no”, without realizing there is a market-oriented alternative that is both integral and pragmatic.

We call it Profitable Sex or The Newest Tantra™.

The biggest problem with both normal and tantric sex is that such activities are rarely made profitable. This lack of revenue leaves men (and often women) disinterested in sex, dissatisfied and drained of energy. Reflect on it for a second … The feminine is usually not very attracted when a stingy or financially insecure man touches her. And the normal, healthy masculine would rather spend his time at the races, or keep an eye on the stock market, than doing the old in-out, right?

The other problem with conventional sex is that it drains the creative thinking process. Life is short, and even an intelligent, intuitive and creative man has to spend several hours every day cultivating his awareness of the market. Why waste that valuable time on sex? If a masculine person wants personal and professional success, he needs to be careful with how much time and energy he spends. (Same for women, of course. It just works in more subtle and complicated ways with the feminine.)

The Profitable Sex™ program teaches both singles and couples how to make their sexuality a profitable business. Based on an ancient Asian wisdom tradition, it is a scientific and evidence-based program that will teach you how to make every sexual encounter both cost-effective and remunerative.

The Profitable Sex™ program is a”high speed therapy” and could be the best investment you ever make. Learning how to attract wealthy members of the opposite sex and receive compensation for your sexual services normally takes no more than five or six weekend seminars with one of our experienced coaches. The result is a more attractive you, one that can experience the blissful transformation of sexual energy into cash at any time. Read an article about how our students earn thousands of dollars a night.

Most people are, quite understandably, skeptical when they hear these claims. But do a little research … Or better: attend an introductory workshop and see for yourself.

You’re definitely worth it.

Our Coaches


Newt Wartman

Newt is the founder of The Newest Tantra™ and the only recognized Master in The Profitable Sex™ Program.

A long-time disciple of Tutteji Wachtmeister Dai Osho, Newt has become one of the most ground-breaking and talked about figures in the pragmatic sexuality movement. His methods and techniques are original, somewhat confronting and proven to have a lasting impact.

coach2Ms Gasolina

Ms Gasolina has an amazing ability to communicate the pragmatic aspect of The Newest Tantra™. Not only is she an experienced courtesan, she is deeply devoted to pass on all the tricks of her trade in simple language that the layman can understand.

Ms Gasolina is a beautiful and lovable woman who very sensitively feels your sensual and financial needs and adjusts her teachings accordingly.


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