Yoga For Gentlemen

dhanamyoga1The newly opened Marbella branch of TheTutteji Yoga Institute, offers you something out of the ordinary – genuine, sensual Dhanam Yoga™ and full Tantric services specially tailored to your desires and preferences, to stimulate, body, mind, and spirit likewise. A synergy you will be sure to like.

In pursuit of spirituality and wisdom, there are no rules. Each person derives their individual character as well as their concepts of spirituality from their varied experiences and backgrounds. Sensual orientations are just as varied, no matter how unusual a fantasy may appear to anyone else.

Take your time while perusing our elegant and creative yoga instructors and tantric consorts. You’ll find intelligence paired with emotions and spirituality, while each one of them possesses her individual understanding of passion and service. Seize your chance to make even your most secret aspirations come true, in utmost style.

yogaDulari Ventura will meet with you privately to design a Yoga and/ or consort practice to meet your needs and schedule. Dulari has over 15 years of escort on and yoga experience. She has learned various styles and understands that every individual has specific needs. She will evaluate your current practice if you have one. Or if you’re starting at the beginning, she will help you understand how various practices can work for you. Sessions include an evaluation of your needs, followed by instruction on appropriate techniques. A follow-up phone interview or email is included.

1 hour private session with Dulari: 450 Euro;  90 minute Session: 600 Euro
Add 300 Euro each additional person.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, Contact the Tutteji Yoga Institute.

Fees for individual practice sessions

The fees are a payment fort he time your instructor/consort is providing spiritual instruction. Any other services depend on the affection and sympathy she feels for you and will not be charged.

2 h 800 Euro
3 h or 4 h (incl. snack) 1.100 Euro
6 h (incl. dinner) 1.400 Euro
Overnight stay (up to 12 h) 1.800 Euro
Overnight stay extending to morning hours
(up to 18 h)
2.100 Euro
Day and night (up to 24 h) 2.500 Euro
2 overnight stays (up tp 48 h) 4.000 Euro
Any additional overnight stay 1.000 Euro

Travel expenses are not included in the fee.

Please hand over the fee to your yoga instructor/tantric consort at the beginning of the rendezvous, discretely and in an open envelope.


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