Welcome to our spiritual shopping mall and the Tutteji Foundation® Charity Trust,  the non-profit, educational and outreach arm of our ever expanding mandala integrating spirituality, charity, and business. 

A few years ago, as a way to repay his immense depth of gratitude to the East and the spiritual heritage which provided inspiration for theTutteji Vision, Tutte Wachtmeister founded the Tutteji Foundation® Charity Trust.

The main purpose of the Trust, which has established several branches throughout Asia, is to offer career opportunities for disadvantaged youth in its well-kept, hygienic factories and workshops.


All products offered for sale on this page were mindfully manufactured at our modern and state-of-the-art factories in Bangladesh. We can’t imagine any better or more efficient way of practicing the perfection of generosity (dāna pāramī) than purchasing high-quality and deeply inspiring products from our fast and secure on-line shop. Doing so will no doubt also generate tons of merit, both for you and your loved ones.


New products are added weekly, so be sure to come back soon.

As always, feel free to call us with questions or suggestions on how we can serve you better. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Oriental Meditation Bells
Let the gently reverberating sound of these meditation bells soothe you into a deep, refreshing state of samadhi.


Small bell
Gold colored,recycled brass with striker and cushion. For marking meditation sessions. Approximate diameter 4″.
Price: $90.00


Big bell
An impressive bell for hard-core meditators. Hammered black bronze with striker and cushion. For marking meditation sessions or liturgy. Hand-sewn cushion included. Approximate diameter 6.25″.
Price: $150.00


Temple bell
Transform your bedroom into an Oriental temple with our most impressive bell. Approximately 16″ in diameter. Incredible sound, generating powerful and deeply spiritual vibrations throughout the neighborhood. Includes wooden striker with a custom-fitted rawhide cover. Also includes cushion.
Price: $995.00

Buddhist Beads
Count your blessings with our hand-crafted, organic, and fully sustainable malas.

Special 108+1 Mala

The distinctive mala used in our tradition. 108+1 beads. Beautifully crafted, fragrant pinewood, with amber and chestnut hues. 108 + 1beads. 5mm.
Price: $24.95

De Luxe Mala

Show your devotion and style with this extravagant 108+1 beads Mala de Luxe. Made of classic wood beads with a lustrous burgundy finish.
Price: $95.95

Meditation Clothing
Meditate like a Zen monk with one of our durable kesas draped over your shoulder.

Basic Kesa
Made of thick, organically grown cotton, this hand-sewn kesa will keep you warm during winter retreats.It also makes a wonderful wall hanging or bedspread. 48 x 81.5in
Price: $495.95
Antique Japanese Monk’s Kesa

Benefit from the hard practice of past Masters with this magnificent, Japanese 19th century kesa. This robe has been worn by several generations meditation masters and is therefore loaded with latent samadhi power that you can tap into. Exquisite silk brocade. 49.5 x 82in
Price: @4.500



4 thoughts on “Supplies

  1. Hallo and good day to you dear Master.

    Do you plan to sell also meditation timers? I would love to purchase one with special wake up sounds which are not so shocking like normal alarm bells (they always wreck my non-thinking post meditational composure). Do you plan to develop some apps? Look at this guy doing “contemplative design” – he seems to be right at the forefront of “contemplative technology”. Perhaps you can hire him or even enlighten him to inspire mankind with his superb ideas.

    Always and total sincerely yours, Der Unbuddhist

  2. That’s truly awesome! There are so many of us, right now, right at this very moment, riding the cutting edge of evolution, integrating timeless wisdom with the latest technology…

    As for your question, we will soon add an entire page devoted to Contemplative Electronics™, including timers, meditation apps, neuro-feedback devices and many other goodies. Be sure to check it out in a few days!

  3. I am in a dire need of an update to my inflated pea bean pouch I’m sitting on each morning. One of the corners have suffered a minor rip and now needs an upgrade for a more modern design, one that does not permit a pea memory leak on my living room carpet.

    I am confident the cutting edge technology offered and promoted here will fullfil my needs.

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