Transintegral Scholars

Transintegralism™ is engaged in by Internet users who have witnessed one major roshi/sensei/rinpoche/tulku/cutting-edge theorist too many, and who thus view a state of voluntary, gleeful sociopathy over the current apocalyptical state as superior to being continually emo.
-Tutteji Wachtmeister

It’s like reading the Onion and thinking, “man, this is actually not as bad as reality.”
– Liz Stevenson

Transintegralism™ is a truly remarkable experience leading to the exposure and elimination of self-imposed and conditioned barriers that stand in the way of authentic self expression and understanding. And the beauty of it all is that you do the work yourself, without the support and encouragement from your fellow believers, but under the watchful eye of Tutteji or one of his senior disciples who prompts you to look deeper and beyond what you think you know. It is when you enter into this new realm of reason and clear thinking (which was always there, unacknowledged and waiting for you to take the leap), the answer to the question is found. As a side-effect, you will also find a more authentic you.
– Erica Sagn, Ph.D

Never doubt that a small group of humorous, cynical citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Babs Mead

Although comments are welcome here on the blog, you may also want to join Transintegral Scholars, a lively and vibrant community on Facebook, making the Tutteji Vision™ manifest in the world.

The Transintegral Scholars group is devoted to all kinds of explorations (including, but not limited to, aggressive trolling) related to the vision of Tutte Wachtmeister and its relation to the greater psycho-spiritual market.

Being a transintegrally informed community, discussions are expected to be lively and uncomfortably oscillating between serious business and lulz, the dogmatic and the ironic, high theory and lower-middlebrow mindfulness- and psychobabble.

Purposefully violating the first rule of being a troll (never admit you are a troll) while avoiding the passive-aggressiveness, sacrimonius stupidity and willful ignorance too often passing for sincerity in integral, x-buddhist or spiritual circles, transintegral discourse is an exploration of multi-dimensional, 4th tier, post-ironic meta-trolling, taking a particular and perverse delight in heated, inflammatory polemics, baroque verbosity, and sublime silliness.

There are obviously no other guidelines or rules of conduct, although you should familiarize yourself with stuff found on this blog before joining the fun.

Let us be who we am …


1 thought on “Transintegral Scholars

  1. Can someone link you on their own blog.? You are the funniest satirist because you are not exaggerating much about how insane these hybrid Buddhists are now,such that they wouldn’t know this was cutting satire. They are probably putting their heads together in their spiritual marketing alliance and trying to come up with a plan to copy these paradigms for their UNESCO educational PhD programs for Western Universities.

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