The Big Bucks Process™


Introducing THE BIG BUCKS PROCESS™ and the experience of ONE MARKET

Anyone can have an enlightenment experience. But in traditional spirituality, it usually takes many years to make it profitable. Using the Big Bucks Process, in two or three days, you will learn how to develop the charisma of an accomplished spiritual master.

From his first Great Enlightenment Experience at the age of 16, Tutte Wachtmeister’s life has been devoted to the integration of spirituality and entrepeneurship. For the past forty years since then, his purpose and his passion have remained the same: to deepen his own vision and to assist others to awaken and realize the integration of Body, Mind, and Market, thus enhancing financial and spiritual fulfillment for all humanity. 

Earlier this year, Tutteji – as his disciples affectionately call him – founded the International Tutteji Foundation, bringing together individuals and groups studying with him throughout Europe and America. He is also the founder of Abundantia, Inc., which is located in Marbella, Spain. Widely recognized as a cutting-edge Master of the Eastern spiritual tradition as well as a highly influential political thinker, and cultural critic, Tutte Wachtmeister devotes all his time to teaching thousands of students all over the world.

Responding to the global financial crisis, and the spiritual cries of the world, Tutteji has created what he named the Big Bucks Process™. This, the latest installement in his Great Gift to Humankind, is nothing less than the absolute cutting-edge of Evolutionary Integrative Business-Spirituality.

The Big Bucks Process™ has been acclaimed by philosopher Ken Dillinger as arguably the most important and original discovery in the last three millenia of spirituality, psychotherapy, and personal business management. It is an astonishingly original, profound, and effective path for waking up, or realizing the Original Market. It is such a simple and universal practice it can be used in any spiritual path you wish, or even by itself, as a practice for realizing your identity with the Universal Law, which you can call God, Allah, Jahweh, Brahman, Tao, Ein Sof, USD, Pound Sterling, Euro, or whatever; it doesn’t really matter, because the core of the Big Bucks process™ is free Market enterprise itself, which, having no specific content at all, can and does embrace anything that arises, integrating it all.newquote7

The Big Bucks Process™ is revolutionizing not only timeless Eastern wisdom teachings, but also the way we approach real estate, financial investments, and business management. The Big Bucks Process™ also offers new, evolutionary perspectives on and practices of psychotherapy, law, medicine, meditation, the arts, physical therapy, chaplaincy, yoga, business, athletics, social work, family therapy, primary through higher education and spiritual practices with prison inmates, hospital patients, and the dying. 

The Big Bucks Process™ has now spread to every continent and will soon help many thousands of people from all walks of life have a genuine and potentially sustainable and evolutionary experience of The One Market, with little or no prior consciousness study or experience of the financial market, or business management. Tutteji continues to train people to bring this teaching out into the world even as he remains at the cutting edge of its evolution.



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